How To Repair A Computer!


We offer a flat rate for In-Shop Computer Repairs. Here is a short list of some of the services we offer.

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How To Repair A Computer

Virus Removals / System Tuneups

We don’t just remove the virus. First we test the hard drive, memory, and processor. We don’t want to waste your time and money on a virus removal if you have an underlining hardware problem. Once these are done we remove the malware and repair the damage they did. Finally, we update all your critical software to keep your system safe on the internet. It’s a full service computer repair solution.

Windows Installation / Re-installation

Your computer’s hard drive is formatted (erased), purging all software bugs. The system software, drivers, and security updates are then re-installed. This will return your system to that new, out of the box experience.

Data Backup & Restore

Your hardware can be replaced, but your data is invaluable! Did you recently purchase a new computer and need all of the data moved over from the old one? Do you need to have your operating system reinstalled? Is your hard drive starting to fail? Then this service is for you. Our software will back up all your data. From the all important outlook PST file, to your pictures and business documents. It will even back up your wallpaper! If your hard drive has died see our data recovery section.

Password Reset

Forgot your password? We can reset your Windows password. This is a very popular computer repair that we offer.

Hard Drive Replacement & Cloning

Is your hard drive full? Is it beginning to fail? Are you seeing a warning similar to this? We can clone  your hard drive (make an EXACT copy) to a new or larger one. This will save you the time (and frustration) of backing up your data, reinstalling your operating system, applying updates, re-installing your software, restoring your data……you get the picture. Once your drive has been successfully cloned your computer will work just like it should once again!

Hard Drive Erasing

Your computer’s hard drive contains all sorts of personal information that you wouldn’t want falling into the wrong hands. When you upgrade your PC (or hard drive) make sure you have your hard drive erased. Simply formatting the drive in Windows, or deleting the partition is not sufficient as many software based data recovery programs can still recover your sensitive information. Bring your hard drive in and we can erase it to United States Department of Defense standards (DoD 5220.22M) for a nominal charge. Once it is wiped we will provide you with a certificate showing the job has been completed. We can then return the drive to you, or dispose of it responsibly.

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