Why Choose a Managed Service Plan?

If you’ve ever had a computer that was infected with malware, you know just how irritating, frustrating, and annoying it can be. Not sure what software updates to install? A Managed Service Plan can solve these problems and more.

Here at Ken’s PC Repair we have developed a way to protect your computer from 99.9% of the malware out there. More importantly, if a computer protected by our Managed Service Plan should somehow become infected, we will remove the virus for free!


Our award-winning, antivirus software, with regularly scheduled scans for your computer.
This software ensures that your virus definitions are never out-of-date. Ensuring you maximum protection from the latest threats.

Our antivirus software will alert us should anything be detected. We then have the ability to remove it from your system in the background, usually before you notice anything has gone wrong!


Did you know that the single most common reason computers get malware is out of date software? Cyber criminals find the vulnerabilities in programs such as Adobe Reader, Java, & Flash Player. If your patches (updates) aren’t current you are much more likely to get infected. This puts your business and data at risk.

When software manufacturers (like Microsoft, Adobe, Apple and others) release updates that fix potential security problems in their programs, we apply them to your computer automatically.

With our monitored Patch Management you won’t have to worry about software updates, whether you should do them, or if they are even real! We manage all of these security patches behind the scenes, without you even knowing we are there.


  • A computer that runs faster, and is clear of malware and other junk that can slow it down. We clean all the temporary files every week. It’s like a mini tune-up every 7 days and will keep things running smoothly.
  • Have a weird pop-up on your screen? Want to know if an email is legitimate? Not sure if you should download a certain piece of software? We are just an email or a phone call away to answer your questions.
  • 24×7 system hardware monitoring. We can keep an eye on things such as your computer’s hard drive health.
  • Remote computer assistance. No need to bring your computer to the shop anymore. We can fix most issues remotely. This allows you to get back to work faster!


We install a small piece of software on your computer (or computers) to ensure that it is protected against the latest security threats. As new threats are discovered, our software will automatically apply any needed protections to keep your computer safe.

Once we have your computer protected, our experts continue to apply new protections as they become available. It’s like having your own IT security team protecting your computer(s)!


I already have an anti-virus on my computer, isn’t that enough?

Unfortunately it’s not. Today’s security threats are often far too advanced for a single piece of software to protect against them all. In addition to having a solid-antivirus, you need other layers of protection. Our software protection solution combined with our professional IT associates, gives you the greatest weapon available in the fight against viruses and malware!

Can you assist me with my business computers?

Of course! We have many businesses already utilizing our services. Contact us if you would like more information.

Can you see my files?

No. We take our customers privacy very seriously! Our software does not give us access to any of the information on your hard drive. During remote support sessions you are able to see everything the technician does in real time.

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