Need a weekend or evening remote support session? Contact us and we will do what we can to accommodate!

What is remote support?

Remote support allows us to login to your computer, over the internet, with special software. We can then diagnose and resolve your computer problems. We are able to move the mouse, and use the keyboard, as if we were actually in front of your computer. This allows us to easily solve many computer problems in a short amount of time. You can simply sit back and watch while your computer is being fixed. No wires to disconnect, and no trip across town required. In most instances we can schedule your session within 24 hours. Often times the very same day!

Is remote support safe?

Absolutely! In fact, you will be able to watch the entire process in real time! Remote assistance is only usable when you download and run the Instant Housecall software on your computer. We are only able to login when the Instant Housecall file is open, and you click the “Start Session” button. Once the program is closed, we can not log back in unless you open the file and grant access for another session.

Secure 128-bit encryption is used for all transmission between the customer and Ken’s PC Repair which prevents a third party from intercepting and reading the data.

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